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Applications, forms and certification

Customer number

Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service, ordering workshop equipment, VAS diagnostic tester

In order to access certain systems of Volkswagen AG as well as when ordering certain items, each partnership business and each independent market operator must be registered in the Volkswagen AG partner directory.The reference for this entry is what is referred to as the customer number.

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GeKo access

Safety-related functions for diagnostics

A GeKo user licence is required in order to use online services in connection with the diagnostic software provided by Volkswagen, which enables you to program immobiliser components (e.g instrument cluster, engine control unit), keys and component protection (e.g. air conditioning unit, navigation system etc.) to the vehicle.

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Dealer portal

Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service, Global User ID, access to safety-related functions by means of an EU hardware certificate

For the utilisation of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service diagnostic software as well as for GeKo user rights, every employee in your business needs what is referred to as a Global-UserID.Your responsible importer of the Administrator of your business must create user profiles for the relevant employees for the OrgID of your business in the dealer portal of Audi AG.

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Do you want to become an Audi partner? If so, read through the information on the pages below to find out about the relevant certification processes

The AUDI AG quality standards.